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Investing in Compelling Ideas and People

Are you an Entrepreneur?

Westlake seeks development stage companies with innovative solutions to problems with a large addressable market.

If you would like to have your business considered for investment by Westlake Ventures, please submit an Executive Summary to that includes the following information:

  • Market Opportunity/Market Size
  • How Your Product/Service Addresses Market Opportunity
  • Revenue Model
  • Management Team
  • Marketing/Sales/Distribution Plan
  • Competition


Westlake Ventures is led by Carl Treleaven. Prior to creating the company, he spent nearly 20 years as CEO of Pharmagraphics, a multinational specialty package printing firm headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Westlake Ventures invests in companies with compelling business ideas that hold the potential to create extraordinary value. Great ideas, however, are not enough: great ideas and plans will produce little without great execution. For Westlake Ventures, even more important than identifying compelling new business ideas is finding individuals and management teams capable of converting a great business idea into a compelling business which creates real value for customers. The company co-invests with angel groups, as well as individual angel investors.

Our company focuses in particular on software and information technology companies, but also invests in other emerging technologies and ideas. Investments are made principally in companies based in Florida. If you possess both a great business idea and the capability of developing and executing on that idea - please contact us at

Our Portfolio

Healthcare / Biomedical

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Industrial / Other

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Internet / Software / Information Technology

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